Taking Part

If you have taken part before we would like to invite you to participate again in our third follow-up!

The Benefits

  • Our participants are vital part to this research study that involves state-of-the-art techniques in behavioral neuroscience and genetic assessment, we cannot do this without you
  • We hope that our participants’ contribution will help us go on to contribute to the development of prevention strategies and therapies for mental health problems
  • Participants will experience how a research study of the mind and behaviour is conducted
  • Taking part may mean that our participants’ awareness of their own personal strengths increases
  • Our participants will share this unique experience with hundreds of other young people from all over Europe

Compensation and Expenses

There is no direct financial benefit from this study. But participants will receive compensation for their time. All travel expenses incurred for visiting your local IMAGEN Institute are reimbursed, so that you will be able to arrive at the Institute with ease.


Quite rightly, people are concerned about confidentiality.

  • All information given to us will be kept confidential. Participant details will not be given to third parties.
  • Personal information revealed to us will remain confidential from members of the participant’s family. All responses are confidential.
  • All information is pseudonymised before it is used for scientific analysis. Pseudonymised means that the questionnaires, the interviews, and the brain scans and DNA information will be kept under a special code number when sent for analysis. Personal data is not available to the scientists carrying out the scientific analyses.
  • All personal data (e.g. name and address) is stored separately from the questionnaires, the interviews, brain scan data and the DNA information.
  • Personal data and results from the studies are stored in such a way that no unauthorized person is able to access them.
  • Personal data is protected following the EU General Data Protection Regulation guidelines.

Your Choice

Once you sign up, you can change your mind at any time. You can withdraw entirely, or from one particular activity. Get in touch with our staff who will talk through the options available to you and what they mean. There is no pressure to take part and it is entirely up to you to participate.

Keeping Informed

Twitter: @IMAGENStudy
Facebook: www.facebook.com/IMAGEN-Study

Plans for the Future

We are hoping to follow-up on our participants in the future. We would love for you to stay in touch with us!