IMAGEN – Data Access Policy

Researchers must adhere to the IMAGEN access policy and the EU General Data Protection Regulation at all times.

(I) A project proposal form is completed and submitted to the IMAGEN coordinator. The project proposal form can be found here and must:

a. be sized to result in one publication, as opposed to a research programme,

b. indicate a specific collaborator in the consortium to act as a liaison,

c. indicate all data that is being requested. These might include measures of clinical characterisation, neuropsychology, cognitive/behavioural performances, personality/temperament,

family/environment, neuroimaging, demographic, and genetic variables,

d. include details of planned analyses, and include an approximate time frame the project is expected to last.

(II) The coordinator circulates the proposal to the Project Executive Committee (PEC), which comprises Principle Investigators (PI) from all partner institutes.

(III) PEC members scrutinise the proposal, ultimately approving or rejecting the data request within 10 days. If necessary, PEC members will offer suggestions and/or modifications.

(IV) Upon approval by the PEC, access to requested dataset is granted only to individuals named on the proposal form.

(V) To request access to the data please contact the IMAGEN coordinator, individuals will then be assigned to an IMAGEN staff member who will advise, support and provide access to the dataset. To access the dataset, individuals must connect to the IMAGEN database via a web browser. A secure connection must be configured in the browser, and an account created to access the database. The IMAGEN database management team authorise this account and permit access to requested datasets.

(VI) All manuscripts using the IMAGEN data must include particular consortium members in the author list and the remaining in a supplementary document. For up-to-date member lists, please contact the IMAGEN coordinator.